Golant Heritage Group

Regatta 1901
Cider making Tanhay Farm
The Old Post Office

Golant Heritage Group exists to learn about, preserve and promote material about Golant.

Golant is a small waterside Cornish village, bounded on the west by the Lostwithiel to Fowey road, the B3269, and descending down to the east to its focal point, the River Fowey.

The main objectives of the group are to:

1. Research and preserve the history of Golant and surrounding area
2. Preserve, maintain and continue the Golant Village Archive in a variety of media formats
3. Hold meetings and exhibitions for the benefit of members and the local community
4. To create and maintain an interactive heritage website

Our online archive contains audio, video and still images

We have the Cornish Archives Network (CAN) Quality certification

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