Blackawton With Strete History Group

Soldiers landing on the beach, November 1943

The Blackawton with Strete History Group was set up in 2001. A few people living in both villages found they had a common interest in local history – so BASH was born. The two villages have always had close links. Strete was an integral part of Blackawton parish until the 19th century, when it became a parish in its own right.

Some early research carried out by members provided sufficient material for the Group to produce a couple of booklets on various aspects of local history. More recently BASH was involved with the production of a more ambitious book, ‘The Land We Left Behind‘ which commemorated the evacuation of the area in 1943.

Today BASH members are active on two major projects: ‘Living Memories’, a collection of historic pictures of the area together with recorded interviews of people who have lived in the villages for a long time; and ‘Life into Landscape’, through which they are charting the ancient history of the area with the help of a professional archaeologist. The project also aims to relate this to the way Blackawton and Strete are today. This will be done by creating a pictorial archive, recording residents’ recollections and to photograph and video the villages as they are today.

The information collected will be made available by producing AV presentations, a portable exhibition and CD-Roms. Material will also be put on the community website.

BASH currently has over fifty members, and they run a lively programme of talks and visits on matters of local interest.

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