Campden Community Archive

The old police station in Chipping Campden where the archive is stored

This is the community archive of the Campden and District Historical and Archaeological Society (CADHAS).  Photographs of family groups or community events, borrowed from local people, are scanned into our computer with written or spoken reminiscences. There are now more than 3500 images in the Community Archive, but as yet only a few with added reminiscences. Events and individuals can be cross-referenced, and searches can be made on a variety of topics. Other databases are being built up, with more background information.

We are also recording the memories of local people, and annotate them for entry on to the computer database. References to people and events can then be identified and used for research or creating audio-visual presentations.

Trading Places ( Campden Shops in the past 100 years) was the first project by the Community Archive Group. A display of photographs encouraged many people to bring in their own.

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