Exeter City Council Time Trail

The Frozen River Exe, C. 1910

The Exeter City Council’s Time Trail website has been designed to provide an introduction to the history of Exeter to both residents of the area and visitors to the city.

Exeter has one of the longest and most distinguished histories of the cities of Great Britain. Over the centuries Exeter has been a Roman Legionary Fortress, a Medieval Cathedral City and one of Britain’s leading early modern towns, with international links. While today Exeter is a confident and vigorous city.

The Exeter Time Trail can be used to search history in two formats. The first is chronologically from Pre History to the Twentieth Century, while the second is through themes ranging from Defence and Warfare to House and Household.

The Exeter Time Trail has a wide and varied collection of photographs and pictures documenting the cities history as well as offering an informative description of the cities history.

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