Cornish Story

Cornish Story

Cornish Story seeks to explore the culture and heritage of Cornwall from the distant past down to the present day.

We work in association with the Institute of Cornish Studies at the University of Exeter to combine written articles with the multimedia resources of the Cornish Audio Visual Archive (CAVA) with the aim of creating informative studies relating to all aspects of Cornish culture. It is an accessible resource that complements a planned programme of books, pamphlets and educational courses.

In this way we aim to provide an educational platform that harnesses knowledge and creativity to promote the study of Cornwall both in the past and present. Apart from providing consultancy in oral and Cornish history we are also developing research projects and a public engagement programme in association with the Rescorla Centre in mid-Cornwall with the aim of ensuring that our activities are conducted in the spirit of democratic scholarship.

Living Archive 

Cornish Story seeks to build on the work of CAVA by making our oral and visual culture available to the wider public through its dissemination and outreach programmes.

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