Living Easton

Men working machinery at the Greenbank chocolate factory

Living Easton aims to create a living tapestry of community life, and is based in the Easton, Eastville, Baptist Mills and Greenbank areas of Bristol.

The Living Easton Community History Archive contains over 600 primary and secondary historical resources, including books, photo’s and sketches, which are available for loan to members of Living Easton. All aspects of history, ranging from industrial and social history to women’s history aim to be covered by Living Easton. Living Easton also stores contemporary material, as well as from the past, in order to benefit future generations.

Living Easton also has a section of its website devoted to local history. In this section there are short articles on events in the Bristol area including one article on Bristol and the Slave Trade. Other topics, which are covered in this section, include articles on prominent industries in Easton and also writings by the ordinary people of Easton.

Editor’s note:  The original website and e-mail address for this archive is no longer operational. If anyone knows the current status of the archive, please contact us.

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