Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust Archive

The Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust works to preserve and share the history and heritage of Clevedon Pier – a Grade 1 Listed Pier which Sir John Betjeman described as “The most beautiful pier in England” – as well as aspects of the history and heritage of the town of Clevedon.

The Trust set up a Community Archive Project which started in August 2017 and which is due to complete in 2019.  This project is using the Archive Services Accreditation framework as the basis for creating a community archive service which could, in future, become accredited.   The volunteer team comprises 10 people including a project manager, donation officer, accessioning and storage team, cataloguers, collection manager as well as specialist professional advisors from legal, heritage and conservation backgrounds.

To date the project has:

  • received start up funding of £5,000 from a local charity
  • received funding of £4,000 from the Business Archives Council to support the cataloguing of our business collections
  • been chosen as an exemplar for the UKNationalArchives Manage Your Collection programme and cataloguing is well underway

The archive is now Archon registered (No. 3487) and its catalogue is listed on UKNA Discovery.

Enquiries are welcome and although still a project the team will endeavour to help if possible.

Contact Details:

Archivist: Dr. B. Baldwin

Email:     [email protected]


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