Teign Valley Museum & Archive Trust


A Teign Valley History Group was founded in 2010. It acquired a number of archives of important documents and some artefacts. It decided to build a place for permanent exhibition and a secure storage area.

In 2017 the Teign Valley Museum and Archive Trust was established to house and care for the archive. It is registered with the Charity Commission.We use the name Teign Valley History Centre for our current project as it better describes our objectives.

Although it is still our hope to find a suitable site for and to build a History Centre, in the last two years we have come to believe that creating an online accessible archive of local documents and records is an exciting 21st century way of making our history known to the widest possible audience and we have focused on achieving this project.

As a result, this website was launched, giving access to the archive in the summer of 2021.

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