100 Homes Project, Stonehouse

100 Homes project organisers, Donna and Pete
100 Homes Project
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100 Homes Project
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100 Homes Project
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100 Homes Project

The residents of Stonehouse, Plymouth wanted to record the stories of the people living in the area both past and present, dating back to when the three towns of Stonehouse, Plymouth & Devonport first joined.

The 100 Homes Oral History Project was created via the Stonehouse Timebank. The genesis of this idea came as part of the celebrations surrounding the joining of the three towns, Plymouth, Devonport and of course Stonehouse.

An award-winning project

The 100 Homes project won the 2018 Community Archives and Heritage Group award for Community Engagement. It also won the overall 2018 award for best community archive.

Our themes

The main focus of the project is to record the stories of the residents. We are covering such themes as Migration, Union Street, World War 2 and the Post War reconstruction period. Although these are our main themes we would also like to collect any story and history related to the area and engage with the community of Stonehouse.

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