This is a screengrab of the site in March 2011

GoldenDays is the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’s 50th Anniversary project on-line archive. It’s a showcase of what locals and visitors feel is special about the South Devon AONB since the 1960s.

The scrapbook-style archive has five connected themes:

  1. Farming, forestry, fishing and food
  2. Weather, wildlife and the seasons
  3. Work, rest and play
  4. Family and community
  5. Out and about

The site includes a map showing the geographical extent of the South Devon AONB.

This is a new and growing archive. New material is added weekly. Much of the content is about what’s going on locally to celebrate life here between 1960 and 2010. There are some links to local history groups in the area, and a small amount of specially commissioned research, for example into green lanes.

This content only exists on-line. We do not hold a physical archive of material.

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