Totnes Image Bank

Wedding, 1943
Coffinswell, 1900's

Totnes is an historic market town in South Devon. The Totnes Image Bank is a unique photographic record of Totnes and its surrounding area, with some of the photographs in its collection dating back to the 1870’s. The thousands of images on the Totnes Image Bank database can be viewed on computer terminals at the Totnes Image Bank Headquarters as well as an exhibition of photography.

The Totnes Image Bank aims “To conserve for public benefit the photographic heritage and other images, relating to the historic environment of Totnes and its surrounding area.” This aim has led to the Dartington Rural Archive being incorporated into the Totnes Image Bank. This collection is now known as the Rural Archive and tells the story of a lost way of life from the 1880’s. The Rural Archive covers the South Hams and other areas in Devon.

Amongst the photographs preserved in the Totnes Image Bank are those depicting events in Totnes such as the visit of Queen Elizabeth II during her jubilee tour, there are also pictures which represent everyday life in local schools and businesses.

The Totnes Image Bank is open on a Tuesday and Friday between 10:00-1:00 and 2:00-4:00. It is situated on the first floor of Town Mill, above the Tourist Information Centre.

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