Stoke Climsland Parish Archive

Stoke Climsland

Collection of filed & indexed material related to the manor, now parish, of Climson, now Stoke Climsland and one of the Assessionable manors of the Duchy of Cornwall.

Sited at the Old School Community Centre at the centre of the parish.

Our volunteers are now commencing digital filing onto TNA’s Discover. The archive consists of thousands of translations & transcriptions of a wide range of documents from 1200’s to present day, including medieval & later manorial & local records, maps, historic buildings, 50 oral archive recordings from 1990’s, and a collection of books & archaeological publications re Cornwall & Devon, including 20 years of The Old School News.

Local organisations’ records also stored include Tamar Valley Orchards Volunteers’ orchard surveys, and East Cornwall Mining History Association’s small collection related to the many mines & miners of the area.

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