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Broadway and Memorial, Totland
Freshwater and Totland Archive Group

Freshwater & Totland Archive Group, formed in 2010 is based at Freshwater Library. Local support and donations of wonderful material demonstrate a real sense of pride in and affection for our villages, which the group hope to build on to provide an easily accessible archive where our local history can be learned, shared and appreciated. With enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and ongoing training we aim to create a “People’s Archive”.

New information and contributions are always welcome and we would love you to share your reminiscences with us. The group is voluntary and self-funded.

Mission statement

The aims of the group are;

  • to learn more of our local history and to keep alive the names of those who lived and worked in our villages and the places where they worked, rested and played.
  • to collect, preserve, and index original source material such as photographs, documents and recordings.
  • to encourage further interest by preservation, protection, and accessibility of archived material by any appropriate means.
  • to foster continuous interest and enthusiasm by educational means including, but not limited to, displays, walking tours and visits to schools and other organisations.
  • to promote and encourage training to ensure the above aims are achieved in a correct and professional fashion.
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