Here you can find the best available online advice and guidance for community archives.   This list was updated in 2023.

All the resources are grouped by topic and there is also a list of featured resources.

Resources grouped by topic
  • Running a community archive

    Topics in this section will help you start up and run a community archive group. You'll find guidance on managing volunteers and seeking funding.
  • Managing a collection

    What you need to know to create an archival collection.  Topics include scanning photos, cataloguing, getting your collection online and preserving your archive into the future.  
  • Sharing a collection

    Once you have created a community archive collection, how can you make best use of it?  These resources cover promoting your archive on social media, engaging audiences and creating educational material.
  • Legal issues

    Guidance on copyright,  data protection and licensing the use of the material in your collection. 
  • Case studies

    CAHG is collecting inspirational case-studies of community heritage projects.
  • Further guidance

    Here are some of the resource pages put together by other organisations, including local and national bodies.
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