St Neot and Warleggan Community Archive

St Neot

We are a Community Archive covering the rural parishes of St Neot and Warleggan in Cornwall.

Run by St Neot Local Historians, the Archive is housed in building owned by St Neot Parish Council which also houses office space. Rental from the office space covers the cost of running the Archive (heating, lighting broadband etc)

We hold 2500 paper records and 500 images in our files which are indexed and available for inspection by appointment. The easiest documents we hold which were a bequest date from the 17th century with the majority coming from 19th and 20th century. Increasingly we receive film and images which we are in the process of digitising.

Volunteers open the archive two mornings a week or at other time by appointment. All of our items a filed on a searchable database but as yet we are not online.

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