Romsey Local History Society

Our aims are to discover, research, record, and publicise historical and archæological material relevant to the past of Romsey, Nursling, Wellow, and the near vicinity. The Group accepts and copies historic documents before depositing them with the relevant bodies (usually Hampshire Record Office). It also stores material when the donors wish it to remain in the town, and advises those owners who prefer to keep their documents. Artefacts are treated in a similar way.

Our members are actively engaged in research, conservation and archiving during workshop sessions held in the Romsey Town Hall basement resource room. The workshop sessions are held every Monday from 10.00 am to midday and Tuesday from 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm. although currently these are suspended following a flood in December 2012. The workshop sessions are open to the public who wish to investigate local, house and family history. Help and advice is freely given where possible. We hold an extensive archive of photographs, maps and documents, which are available for research purposes.

Current research projects include the history of Botley Road cemetery and the people buried there and a major property survey for the core historic streets.  This spring we are running a ten-week course under the title Doing Local History, to help people undertake and present research in local history.

We contributed to the Hampshire Photographic Project.

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