Wherwell History Group

The Wherwell History Group was formed in 2008. Our main objective is to research, record and preserve the history of the parishes of Wherwell and Chilbolton, and maintain an archive of sound recordings and written or photographic material.

We are keen to stimulate interest in our local history and expand our membership base. We organize a monthly programme of illustrated talks in Wherwell Village Hall (SP11 7JJ) and local guided visits.

We were part of the original Living Links Community which was established in 2008 to encourage local groups to preserve the past and the present for the future. This community is still being managed by the Hampshire Record Office.

Our archive is ‘under development’ and not at present available for public viewing. In May 2018, we have 321 folders in our archive from approx 250 individual contributors. The archive comprises lots of village photographs from many and varied sources, some oral history created during production of the Wherwell DVD in year 2000, documents and photographs assembled for display at Wherwell Primary School in celebration of their 80th Anniversary in July 2009, and some village scrapbooks with cuttings spanning 1951 to 2005.

The History Group created a Wherwell Scrapbook in 2010, which recorded in words and pictures, the many and various events, anniversaries and activities which took place in the Parish of Wherwell in a 13-month period commencing 1st December 2009. We created a Time Capsule in 2012, during the restoration of the parish church. We have published booklets featuring the making of the Sound Barrier film at Chilbolton and a historical pageant about Queen Elfrida and Wherwell Abbey. Since 2012, we have published a calendar of village and bygone photographs.

In 2017, there was a major redesign of our website. In terms of content, it is still in fledgeling status (!) but still worth a visit at www.wherwellhistory.com Copies of the Wherwell DVD are available to purchase from the History Group at £10.00 plus p&p.

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