Weston Turville Historical Society

The Society was formed in 1999 and aims to promote an active interest in local history, especially among the younger generation. The Village Archive is housed in the school and may be viewed by calling at the school in term time. It is regularly used by the children for school projects. We also have a programme of projects to collect and preserve historical documents, pictures and memories before they are lost for ever.

Previous projects include:

  1. WW1 Servicemen – a collection of data about the men from Weston Turville who died in WW1.
  2. School Memories – a book of memories of school life collected from past pupils of the Old School in School Lane.
  3. Living Memories – a collection on tape of recorded interviews with older village residents, recalling life in earlier times.
  4. In progress is the publication of the War Diaries of Old School headmaster John Lawton, recording daily life in Weston Turville in the 1940s.
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