Sandgate Road, Brighton

A portrait of the street

The long rows of terrace houses lining each side of Sandgate Road were built around 1900, all of them built to a standard template of two up and two down. Now, 110 years later, many of the houses have been extended to incorporate more bedrooms, more living space, re-designed kitchens, and working spaces in the attic.

Rena Feld taught on the Life History course at Sussex University for many years. Oral history formed an important component of the course, and she felt that doing an oral history project with the people who live in Sandgate Road would offer an ideal opportunity not only to explore the changes that have taken place in people’s lives over the years, but also to give a portrait of the people who live in the street today.

Julius Smit has a background in oral history and working with computers, and is currently working on putting together a booklet with an accompanying CD containing not only printed but also audio narrative extracts taken from the interviews. The booklet is scheduled for publication in summer 2010 and will be seen as the outcome of many months of enjoyment of being able to listen to and share many wonderful stories.

A website has been set up on which audio extracts from the interviews can be heard. (



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