The Regency Town House Heritage Centre

The Regency Town House is a grade I Listed terraced home of the mid-1820s being developed as a heritage centre and museum to focus on the architecture and social history of Brighton & Hove – particularly but not exclusively between the 1780s and 1840s.

We have a number or archival projects underway, including:

1) A 3D architectural ornament initiative – this is based around two main collections, one from the famous London firm of George Jackson, the other from the Sussex company, England’s Ornamental Plastering

2) An 18th and 19th C family letters and diary initiative – this is focused mainly on materials produced by the Bevan family and their close relatives.

3) An architectural drawings initiative – this is principally concerned with material by the Sussex-based Denman Family who worked between the late-19th and mid-20th centuries but includes some material by the Regency architect Charles Augustin Busby.

4) The collaborative, community-based, initiatives MyHouseMyStreet (MHMS) and Here in the Past (HitP). These provide information about Brighton & Hove’s historic homes and streets, particularly the less well known areas of the City. The project websites (updates launching in April 2018) offers occupancy data for City streets, detailed street histories and access to a wide range of archival materials locating people to place. Included in this are some 103,000+ pages of searchable Street and Trade Directory information dating between 1784 and 1974. Over 2M lines of Electoral Register data and 19th C burial records. Free public access is offered to all data and all records have been processed by volunteers working with the project.

Further information about the above projects and a contact form for those interested in volunteering is available at,

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