The AgriCultured Project presents documentation and analysis of farming livelihoods in Oxfordshire, one of the counties in South-east England. This project is a study in social ecology: how do people become farmers, how do they live as farmers, and how do they leave farming. The landscape may be shaped by farming, but the landscape which farmers inhabit is also a social, economic, and cultural one.

The AgriCultured project collected information using oral history techniques. Ten farmers were interviewed in 2002/2003.

Transcripts of the farmers interviews are available on thie project website. Analysis of  five farmer’s interviews are provided in a briefing document and an accompanying ‘radio’ documentary. You can listen to the radio programme on-line or download it. The briefing and radio programme are presented for use in a workshop by educational workers or the like. The original audio recordings of the farmers interviews and documentation were deposited with the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies on 25 November 2003.

Two Oxfordshire farmers kept a photo-diary for the AgriCultured Project. They recorded their everyday life in early 2003, documenting the people, places and things that were meaningful to them. You can see their photographs and notes on the project website.

Gloucestershire farmers have had similar farming experiences to the Oxfordshire Farmers interviewed for this project. They reviewed exerts from the Oxfordshire farmers interviews on a radio programme called Farming Days, broadcast in March 2004 on Forest of Dean Community Radio in Gloucestershire.

The AgriCultured project contributed to A Rough Guide to the UK Farming Crises by Grassroots Action on Food and Farming first published in May 2004 , see

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