Hebrides People

Seallam! Visitor Centre,

Hebrides People is a unique genealogy resource covering the Western Isles of Scotland. Hebrides People Visitor Centre tells the history of the people and landscapes of Harris and the Western Isles.

The genealogy resource at Hebrides People, known as ‘Cò Leis Thu?’, is based on over 60 years of research by Bill Lawson, widely recognised as an authority on Western Isles genealogy. Hebrides People has an extensive online archive to search as well as offering genealogical services, where our archivists will work with you to uncover your family records and produce a family tree.

A St Kilda archive can also be explored for free on the Hebrides People website.

Bill Lawson founded ‘Cò Leis Thu?’ with his wife Chris in 1988, and opened Seallam! Visitor Centre (now Hebrides People Visitor Centre) in 2000.

Hebrides People is now run by the Northton Heritage Trust, a Community Benefit Society and a registered Scottish charity.

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