Cousland Smiddy & Heritage Hub

Cousland Smiddy & Heritage Hub

Cousland Smiddy gives visitors a fascinating glimpse into our village’s heritage, with an early 18th century blacksmith’s workshop, Victorian cottage, other partially conserved associated buildings, organic allotments in the former gardens and recreational spaces to enjoy.

We believe there has been a continuously working Smiddy on this site in the village since at least 1703.

The location is home to Cousland Smiddy Trust, Cousland Local History Project, Cousland Heritage Hub and the Cousland Smiddy Plotters.

The Cousland Local History Project works to make this nationally significant archaeological and historical information accessible to everyone and we have recently brought together all of the items in our collection at the Cousland Community Heritage Hub in the Smiddy cottage. Recent work includes transcription & publication of two farming diaries from the area and a booklet marking 90 years of our Village Hall, a former Miners’ Institute. The long history of blacksmithing in the village is held in the archive along with hundreds of tools in the still working farrier’s shop.

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