The Forth and Clyde Canal Society


The Forth and Clyde Canal Society was formed by a group of canal enthusiasts who felt that the decline in the canals of Scotland in the 1960s had to be reversed.

Oral History Interviews

During eleven interviews, stories were collected about the Society from its long term members, with a questionnaire that the members themselves developed. The questions were not just about the campaign and the formation of the Society but also about the Society’s role today and how they see the Society’s role in the future, the canal and the future of boating on the Forth and Clyde canal.

George MacAngus Collection

The first collection of a now deceased member donated to the Forth and Clyde Canal Society. The collection is showing the Forth and Clyde canal in various stages of development, primarily in the mid to end 1990s, when the canal’s redevelopment started.


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