Eriskay Historical Society

Eriskay Historical Society

Eriskay Historical Society was established in February 2010 to document the history of their island community situated between South Uist and Barra. Its initial interest was in collecting photographs relating to the island and identifying individuals within them.

The Society acquired the former Eriskay School and is working to redevelop it as a heritage centre and community hub with a tearoom and wellbeing activities.

Most of the collection is digitised and catalogued.

1. Photograph collection, including named individuals and their patronymic.
2. Collections include resources relating to Father Allan MacDonald, the sinking of the SS Politician (of Whisky Galore fame), Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Eriskay Jersey, the building of St. Michael’s Church, herring fishing, crofting history, Eriskay school, and the famous Eriskay Pony.

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