Scotch Whisky Archive

Scotch Whisky Archive

Our Archive consists of all types of paper based ephemera mostly relating to Scotch Whisky from the 1700’s through to the present day.

To list the kind of items in the collection would probably still mean that somethings are over looked however as a rough guide we encompass:

a) Advertising and Scotch Distillery postcards from the early 1900’s.
b) Postal History items from the early 1800’s
c) Invoices and billheads from the late 1700’s
d) Price Lists from the 1800’s
e) Menus and Trade Inserts from the 1800’s
f) Match Box Labels from the 1800’s
g) Trade Tokens from the 1700’s
h) Old Scotch Whisky Distillery Photographs from the 1800’s
i) Billheads and Invoices linked to Scottish Wine & Spirit Merchants from the 1800’s

We don’t collect advertising/information torn or cut out of magazines and books. Our collection does not relate to one particular trader but provides a broad overview of the Scotch Whisky industry during the late 1700’s onwards. We also have a large reference library of several hundred books.

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