Glengarry Heritage Centre


The Glengarry Visitor Centre Association was formed in 1998 to explore and preserve the rich local history of this glen and to provide a connection with the many clansmen who left their native lands for a new life in Glengarry County, Canada and other places around the world.

The Visitor Centre was opened in 1999 in a wooden shed next to the Invergarry Hotel and also served as an information point for the many visitors and walkers who come to Glengarry to enjoy the outstanding beauty and natural history of the forest, the lochs and the hills.

The Visitor Centre housed a permanent exhibition telling the story of the glen in three themes – the MacDonells of Glengarry, the emigrations to Glengarry County, Canada and the Ellice family as Victorian landlords after the MacDonells left. We also began to build up a collection of other stories, photographs and documents from local people, former residents and Glengarry contacts worldwide.

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