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St Peter's Church in Winter
Heather Overall being interviewed in HOFS by children from Hadleigh Junior School
Team Hadleigh 2012
The colophon on our local history books
David Hurrell
Cunning Murrell runs our Twitter account
David Hurrell
Welcome to Valerie Wells Wood
Graham Cook
Division of areas between South Benfleet = Benfleet CA and H&TCA by Mark Thrés
Mark Thrés Sept 2010, Graphic David Hurrell

We are one of six South East Essex Community Archives (SEECAN) set up in late 2010 through the exemplary work and support of Sue Hampson (Essex Libraries) and Debbie Peers (Essex Record Office.) Key assets were acquired centrally using an award from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  All six virtual archives adapted their activities to the interests of local communities.

In Hadleigh, Daws Heath and Thundersley, H&TCA have held public meetings, presented the archive projected live on a screen, created immediate articles from memories crystallised in the meetings with associated pictures and participated in community projects.
In one of the projects,  “Team Hadleigh,” we assisted with local school and pensioner interviews (shown here) as part of intergenerational preparations for the 2012 Olympics. A motor-cycling scrambling area of the 1970s was repurposed to become the Olympic Mountain Bike course for the only Olympic event held in Essex.

Another dimension of the H&TCA’s creative interaction within the community is represented by the superb books created and published by the Editorial Team.  Our publishing logo, or colophon, shown on the right, graces six (up to June 2021) beautifully illustrated books based on cutting edge local history research, presented in attractive, durable and accessible formats.
Links to the books are provided as follows.  “Tales out of School” is out of print currently, but can be acquired as an e-Teaching Pack.  However, we can be persuaded to part with copies of all the other books at prices representing incredible value for money!

Our outreach includes a Twitter feed fronted by a famous Hadleighite of the past, one Cunning Murrell.
A recent tweet shows Daws Heath Road with the Tollhouse on the left. Straight ahead are Kiln Farm Cottages. The Thundersley Gate and accompanying Tollhouse were erected at The Wantz, the junction of the Daws Heath Road and the Hadleigh to Rayleigh Road, near the Woodmans Arms Public House.   It may  have been the last tollgate/house to be built in south Essex.

During lockdown, our team used exercise walks to add to our stock of images of the local area;  for example Valerie Wells Wood; the information board for which is seen to the right.  In common with most of South East Essex, the area is under increasing pressure to sacrifice green fields and trees in favour of new housing estates. The adverse effects of more population and traffic are not, however, mitigated by adequate infrastructure improvements.

We are delighted to be part of SEECAN, which successfully maintains the active participation of  Benfleet   Billericay  H&TCA    Laindon  Rochford District    Wickford and added  Tilbury and Chadwell to the group.

We are indebted to Mark Thrés of the Benfleet Community Archive {BCA} for his research and suggestion in 2010 to divide CastlePoint between South Benfleet covered by BCA and the combined areas of Hadleigh, Thundersley and Daws Heath covered by H&TCA, reflected on our site’s interactive map, as annotated here.

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