Feltwell Village Archive

This archive is centred on the village of Feltwell in Norfolk and the history of both it’s population and its skill mix. The collection contains the unique and interesting conducted photograph tour of Old and New Feltwell, as well a huge selection of photographs chronicling the people of Feltwell.

Feltwell also has a plethora of written material available for examination, including war grave listings, church registers and burial registers. This material dates from the 18th Century to the modern day.

The collection also includes the RAF Feltwell personnel memorial pages. These include articles relating to the RAF base as well as the recollections of service men and women and pages dedicated to the fallen soldiers of RAF Feltwell.

This collection details a number of special interest areas including the history of the use of horses in agriculture and education in Feltwell as well as further collections centred on work and play, which includes collection of sport teams.

The archive’s website has a ‘photograph of the month’ feature which aims to highlight a further area of the collection. Included in the collection are extensive recollections collected over several years of the past by senior members of the village.

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