Revd. Henry Spelman

Narborough, Norfolk

Material collected relating to Revd. Henry Spelman (1728 – 1810), vicar of Narborough and Narford, Norfolk.

1. Archival box containing approx. 100 letters written by Revd. Spelman to his solicitor re. tithe disputes, glebe, church and parish matters; sale documents, accounts, induction, funeral directions, freedom of King’s Lynn parchment. (1774 – 1810).

2. Archival box containing accounts with Josiah Wedgewood and Nathaniel Jeffreys (goldsmith); ground plan of Narborough Hall c. 1775 and sale document (Spelman to Peyton, 1775); metal bookplate belonging to Revd. Spelman; two Cotman prints of Spelman brasses in Narborough Church (1815/1816).

3. Three letter books (1777 – 1792) containing several hundred notes and draft letters addressed to family, friends, Norfolk landowners, tradesmen and solicitors.

The letters have been collated, transcribed and (a selection) published by members of Narborough Local History Society in a book entitled ‘The Spelman Letters’.

4. Archival box containing documents relating to the River Nar Navigation enterprise.
Two commissioner’s minute books (1751 – 1796).
Plan of Narford Hall gardens (Campbell, 1725)
1815 Drainage Act pertaining to lands adjoining the Nar.
1751 Nar Navigation Act.
1801 Narborough Estate Sale Catalogue (2 copies).
Notice of threat of transportation for damage to navigation (c. 1770).
1764 Ascertainment of further tolls, signed document.
1758 Langley Edwards (River Nar surveyor), ‘Articles of Agreement’ and bond.
1770 Bill to enlarge powers of 1751 Act of Parliament (2 copies).
1776 Bond – Woodbine to John Spelman.
1770 Answers to objections to Revd. Spelman’s River Nar bill.
1761 Appointment of new commissioners.
1876 Concessionary footpath across farmland to River Nar for bone mill workers (Bailey/Coulton).
ditto (Bailey/Young).
1881 Nar Valley Drainage Act, booklet.

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