Loddon and District Local History Group

Loddon, Norfolk

Welcome to Loddon & District Local History Group.  Originally called “Before Your Time”, the group began as the project of a couple of ladies, who collected photographs, memories and stories while creating the boards for the display in the Priest’s Room above the porch in Holy Trinity Church.

It has grown to become a thriving group aiming to bring all things local and historical to a wider audience

Over the years our Archive has expanded, as have our activities. We started digging Test Pits in and around the town in 2012, and each year more information about our history is unearthed.

The wills of many local residents have been located and many are summarised, we are starting to make these and other documents accessible on the website.

Our meetings and website

Our Meetings are at 1.30pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at:

The Lecture Hall
St John’s Methodist Church
George Lane
NR14 6NB

Please visit our new website at

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