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The Hilton Digital Archive is a repository for images relevant to Hilton. These can consist of photographs, maps, documents, newspaper articles and in fact anything that would be of historical value. Our view is to be as inclusive as possible and to reject as little content as possible. It is not our place to decide what people think is of interest or not, from our experience what one person feels is of no interest, another can find fascinating and invaluable. Also our view is that age is also not of importance, as “yesterday” is already history. Our main objective is to “save” Hilton history from potential loss or destruction, and to share where appropriate. We will always seek permission for sharing information publicly, but also have a large percentage of “private” information which will be kept secure for future archive purposes.

Work on creating the Hilton Archive began in 2007 following an enquiry to the village website from a retired American serviceman who lived in Kidman’s Cottage in the 1950s. On contacting the owner, Olive Stokes, we found that she had compiled a wealth of information in scrapbooks over the years and was happy to make these available for scanning. Generous help with archive material was also provided by Richard Garnett, Amanda Howard, Lynn Norton, Margaret Peters, Sally Roberts, Beverley Tack, the Norris Museum, the Hilton WI and many others to whom our thanks are due.

The Archive already contains over 3500 images and more are being added all the time. Scanned images include documents and maps, some dating back to the 17th Century, pictures of people, buildings and places, celebrations, archaeological finds and copies of various scrapbooks and magazines. All can be viewed online or downloaded in high resolution.

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