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WISEArchive is an online electronic archive, a non profit making company with a constitution and a Board.

It was established to validate older peoples work experience by collecting relevant material and storing it in a secure long term archive. We use the internet to make all submissions available to a wide group of people to add to the rich culture of information, with unique histories from the last century.

A recently completed project with Jarrolds Store in Norwich, a long standing family business with roots in the development of Norwich City where retired staff undertook interviews with members of BBC Radio Norfolk which were then transcribed. All work has been submitted to the online archive and the public can now search and read their memories of working life; how the bowling green was developed and what it was like to work at 14. Wise Archive are now approaching  other organisations in the area.

A local community project in Fakenham, Norfolk, working with students from the High School, gatherered interviews from older members of the Community. You now read about what it was like to be a spy in the Second World War as well the changes bought about when the farm horses left forever.

The WISEArchive web site is fully keyword searchable. Various links have now been established with Oral History societies, community archives and other. Submissions can be made anonymously and no personal details are published on the site unless permission is granted.
Wise Archive complies with all relevant legislation on data protection and freedom of information.

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