Pulham Market: Tales from the Past

The Pulham Market Society has a collection of 70 taped interviews with local people which spans over 75 years of the 20th century. These are to be put onto a CD, edited and made in to a book which will be given to villagers. A leaflet offering a guided tour around local buildings and sites associated with the lives of those interviewed will be compiled by local people.

Both CD and walk guide will be launched at a special exhibition, which will feature photographs of those interviewed and excerpts from their reminiscences. Those attending the exhibition will be encouraged to trace their own family history with help from the group.

Materials for schools based on the collection are being developed by a retired teacher. The whole project will be recorded on video by local young people, with help from a local professional. Originals of all materials produced in the project will be deposited at the Norfolk sound archive and/ or the Norfolk Record Office. The County Archivist has written in support of the project, which will end 30 January 2008.

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