Norfolk Wherry Trust

Norfolk Wherry Trust, Ludham, Great Yarmouth

The Norfolk Wherry Trust was formed in 1949 by a visionary group who realised that if nothing was done there would be no working examples of the Norfolk Wherry left.

The Norfolk Wherry is an inland waterways boat, which was important to the local economy from the 18th century to the early 20th century, when they were gradually replaced by rail and road transport.

Although primarily an organisation engaged in restoration, maintenance and use of the Albion, the Trust has, since its formation, collected a significant amount of information and documentation on Norfolk Wherries and the people who owned and sailed them.

Most of this is available online through our website and amounts to some 3500 items, being photographs, documents (including every Trust publication (excluding the last 10 years) since formation in 1949, audio and video recordings.

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