HMS Cossack

The HMS Cossack archives cover the day to day history of the six ships named HMS Cossack and those who served in them. The contents run from 28 March 1805 up to the present day. Although the last floating ship of the name was scrapped in 1960 there is Royal Navy Establishment in Devon that bears the name COSSACK and teaches navies from around the world how to board and search ships.

The archives consist of items from the ships and members who served on them – from cigarette cards to a Battle Ensign flown at the 2nd Battle of Narvik. There are models, films, newspaper clippings,personal accounts and photographs. There are also extracts from official files and ship’s logs.

The aim of the archive is to have the history of the ships and the ship’s company all in one archive to enable researchers and relatives to find information from one source instead of having to travel the UK and abroad.

Material to enquirers can be emailed or posted in the form of a CD / DVD or hard copy.
Material, in any form, for the archive is always welcome

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