Ashill Archive Group

Ashill St. Nicholas Church c1910

The Ashill Archive Group was formed in January 2002. We are associated and supported by Ashill Village Aid, a registered charity. Initially, information on archiving programmes and equipment needed was offered by the Adult Education Dept. of Wensum Lodge Norwich, the group attending several training sessions there. Grant applications were successful from ‘Awards for All’ and ‘Norfolk Rural Community Council’ when we purchased the Comma Archiving programme and have used this same programme to download, edit and store all our present information.

We meet at the Ashill Village Aid Call In Centre every Monday morning between 10 and 12 o’clock and offer scanning facilities for anyone with photographs or documents who would like to add to the village archive. Unfortunately due to Covid we are unable to meet as usual at the moment, hopefully we will be able to do so again soon. We are fortunate to have a base in which to store all our equipment and access to IT. In return the Archive Group fundraises for Ashill Village Aid by organising an annual Strawberry Tea and the sale of notelets printed with Ashill photographs.

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