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This volunteer led project collects memories and reminiscences from people with a connection to the North Tyneside area about 20th Century life and times as they recall it.  These memories are published on a website,   The project began in 1995 and since then has grown into a fantastic resource of over 1000 individual reminiscences, images and sound files covering every conceivable aspect of life in the area.

The work is currently supported by The Northern Rock Foundation and North Tyneside Library Service and we are very grateful for their confidence in what we do.

Following the success of our work to add sound clips to some of our published memories we’ve moved on to review our image archive and add two new features.  The first of these is a ‘Special Collection’ feature which allows usto focus in more depth on a particular area or subject.  More importantly it means we can celebrate the contribution of some individuals who have given us a significant amount of material on a range of different subjects.  The second feature is a ‘work in progress’ and allows us to record some contemporary local history.  During 2012 our photographer, Ernest Storey, is photographing images of all aspectsof local life in North Tyneside.  You can see the results to date on out website,, and more images are being added right through the year.  We’re already thinking about how to use this material – front runner at present is a calendar for 2013!

This work couldn’t happen without the skill and dedication of our volunteers, and in the process we also have huge fun, meeting new people and making new friends.  If you’d like to join us why not email to find out more.

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