Remembering the Past, Resourcing the Future

Consider 1998 for a moment, the year we began to collect and share our collection of memories. Boy-bands and shoulder pads were big and Kevin Keegan was the local hero – and the internet, well, what was that all about?  For the team at Remembering the Past it was the time when began listening to and sharing the real life experiences locked in the heads of local people.  We wanted all those stories that don’t get told in history books.  We were beginning to turn today’s memories into tomorrow’s history.

Consider what the internet was like way back then

It was new, exciting, scary and mysterious.  Few of us had a computer at home and Ipads, smart phones and social media hadn’t been invented.  A group of visionary people decided to put their new memory collection ‘on-line’, out on the World Wide Web.  It proved to be the perfect place to enjoy visual, oral and written recollections of life as was. An archive accessible to visitors from across the world, including many ex-pats with amazing stories to tell.  Cutting edge back then!

Looking to the Future

We’re looking forward to a bright future capturing more memories.  With continued support from a lot of organisations and individuals we have more volunteers, resources and facilities and many more opportunities to talk to local people.  The memories continue to roll in.  And, most exciting of all we have a super smart new website to show off the collection.  Why not go and have a look?


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