Yesterday's Town, Today's City

Monkwearmouth Local History Group formed in 1989 and meets fortnightly at Monkwearmouth Library. The group is very active, thriving in the rich heritage surrounding them. They enjoy visits from speakers on average once a fortnight, with subjects on topics such as local characters, Monkwearmouth churches and ancient maps. Members have also given talks themselves in local schools, churches, training centres, clubs and groups.

The group has a large photographic archive containing photos covering a long period of time, many of which have been donated by the Sunderland Echo. Particularly significant photographs of Sunderland were selected by the group from their archive to produce a book of comparative ‘Then and Now’ photos, entitled ‘Sunderland: Yesterday’s Town, Today’s City’. This was launched in November 2001 with funding from Tomorrow’s History.

[Although the group has now ceased, the rich heritage which was recorded by group members has been preserved and handed to Sunderland Antiquarian Society.]

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