Muggleswick and Waskerley Days Gone By

With inspiration and enthusiasm, members of Muggleswick Parish Community Association, set about researching the local history of an area covering approximately 50 miles of rural communities around Muggleswick and Waskerley.

They soon found the focus of the project was amassing a large photographic collection, covering all aspects of life, with most of the houses and people in the area being represented. Some of the images date from the nineteenth century. They have successfully filed and stored the entire collection for future reference and have kept a permanent display in the village hall of Muggleswick.

Over the course of the project they produced a booklet “Muggleswick and Waskerley – An eclectic History in Photographs” and held two very well attended exhibitions in the village hall.

These photographs have generated enormous interest and have brought forth many unexpected stories and enquiries, not just locally but from other areas of the country. They have an active village hall committee and would like to produce a “Then and Now of Muggleswick” which would draw upon the wealth of information that has come to light during the course of this project.

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