Desh Videsh: Home and Away - a history of the Asian community

Hindu Nari Sangh have documented the Asian community of the North East, by tracing the lives of people who came to Britain over 20 years ago.

Interviews were held with members of the Asian community across Tyne and Wear, with questions such as ‘What was your reason for coming to Britain?’ and ‘How did you go about finding a job?’ helping to guide discussions.

This project aims to provide an insight into the life-journeys made by these Asians, their struggles, aspirations and hopes for the future.

Hindu Nari Sangh was established in 1992 to promote the South Asian arts and culture in the South Tyneside area through the cultural/artistic and educational activities.  ‘Nari Sangh’ means ‘Women’s Association’ and all the committee members are female.

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