Washburn Archive

Fewston, Yorkshire

The Washburn Archive is a collection of over 12,000 items with particular relevance to the Washburn Valley in North Yorkshire.

The archive includes documents, a large number of photographs, a series of films comprising an oral history project, the findings of an on-site archaeological excavation and the temporary exhibitions relating to the Valley which have been on display in the Washburn Heritage Centre from 2011 onwards. Also, a permanent exhibition about the Valley is located in Fewston Church adjacent to the Heritage Centre.

The archive is held digitally and new items are added on a regular basis by a team of volunteers working under the guidance of an archivist.
We welcome requests for information from our archive for personal or commercial use.

The information about how to access the information and associated charges is on the website at https://washburnvalley.org/archive/   

The website also lists several open sources available to those interested in local genealogy and the history of the Washburn Valley.

The opening hours of the Heritage Centre and details of the programme of heritage related events held there are on the website at https://washburnvalley.org/

The archive itself is not an open source, please follow the links given above with any requests for information.

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