Kirklees Local TV (KLTV) Yorkshire The Years After

The seventieth anniversary of the Empire Windrush bringing invited Caribbean workers to Britain in 1948 prompted Kirklees Local TV (KLTV) to focus on the journeys, experiences, and heritage of Huddersfield’s local African-Caribbean descent community.

The project also coincided with the United Nations’ International Decade of People of African Descent, 2015-24.

Windrush: The Years After – A Community Legacy on Film:

  • enabled people in Kirklees to tell their stories in their own words and reflect upon experiences that have national and international significance.
  • created opportunities to research and learn about local African-Caribbean descent heritage and empower others to undertake their own heritage archiving projects
  • promoted recorded interviews and heritage media production as compelling, immediate and accessible ways to create, curate and share memories
  • presented historical information using video, banners, timelines, trailers and shorter edited versions to share digitally archived interviews and other materials
  • provided researchers, teachers, pupils and parents with downloadable classroom resources and access to digital/paper materials archived at Heritage Quay at the University of Huddersfield

Materials focus on Huddersfield and Kirklees in West Yorkshire, England.

The collection

The collection includes 80+ interviews, video productions and digitally scanned documents, news-cuttings, photographs and memorabilia relating to the years c.1948-2019.  See:

The project’s activities are also documented via video and photographs and written materials.

Educational resources

Online educational resources designed for Key Stage 2 are available at:

Key Stage 3 and 4 materials are being developed.

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