Filey: Exploring the Past

Coach operators brought visitors to the town from all over Yorkshire and beyond.

Exploring Filey’s Past, is a project running under the Local Heritage Initiative scheme operated by the Countryside Agency to encourage local people to interpret, understand and care for their heritage. The project is being run by the Crimlisk Fisher Archive which is supported by the Filey Town Council and comprises three main components;

  • To research and write a history of Filey covering its change and development from around 1800 to the present day. It is intended to publish this in book form which while being suitable for the general reader is hopefully an accurate historical account of the development of the town through the last two centuries.
  • To build a library of oral history by interviewing any person who has a knowlege of Filey’s past,these are recorded by digital camcorder and burnt to DVD.
  • To build a website so that the above can be publicised encouraging others to contribute and enjoy the story of the town’s history.
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