Rawmarsh Living Archive

Members of the group discussing the proofs of the new book while the digital archive is being displayed.

The Rawmarsh Manor Farm History Group was formed to promote and celebrate the cultural heritage of Rawmarsh. This was carried out through research of locally archived material and personal reminiscences from interviews with members of the community.

Younger generations have no first hand experience of the way the coal and steel industries once affected the area and influenced the environment. Deep mining has gone forever from the community but has left its mark on the environment. The steel industry has changed in such a way that its impact on the town environment is now minimal. Much of the heritage of the village has been lost or is unrecognisable.

The group focused upon the creation of a searchable digital community archive of photographs, memorabilia, stories and oral reminiscences, using software from Comma. They also published a book called Memories - Reminiscences of Rawmarsh people.

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