Leodis - a photographic archive of Leeds

Lambert's Yard, circa 1900
Entrance to the Victoria Arcade, decorated for the Coronation celebrations, 1953

Leodis is an online photographic archive containing over 47,000 images of Leeds, old and new, and is managed by Leeds Library and Information Service.

The Local Studies Library in Leeds has a huge collection of photographs relating to the city. Before the Leodis site was set up these were only accessible by visiting the library and searching card indexes. The Library service was keen to promote the collections and make them more easily accessible for a wider audience.

You can take tours of different areas or along various themes, such as the Briggate, Inns and Yards tour, illustrated here with a turn of the century photograph of Lambert's Yard or Lambert's Arcade, the last surviving three decker house in central Leeds.

You can also purchase photographs through the site, add your comments about the site and help to identify images about which little is known.

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