Sharrow Community Oral History Project

The Non-Conformist Chapel

This project has collected an oral archive from residents of Sharrow. The study has focused on Sharrow Cemetery, which it is claimed, is one of the most significant Victorian cemeteries outside London. The survey of written and oral records has documented the physical and cultural changes to the cemetery and surrounding areas since Victorian times - the enveloping of Sharrow by Sheffield, War Years, riots etc.

The group, who have held well-attended cemetery tours for a number of years, recruited interviewers and interviewees involving a broad range of the local community. Training, research, IT and oral interview techniques were taught in partnership with the Oral History Group.

The Friends of the General Cemetery are dedicated to promoting and restoring the Cemetery, and to protecting it as a unique heritage site and haven for wildlife. They have constructed a timeline exploring key events linked to the Cemetery and a database of burial records, images and historical documents.

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