Barnburgh and Harlington History

Barnburgh's Old Dovecote

The group was formed from the community to document, celebrate and promote the cultural heritage of the two adjacent old agricultural and coal-mining areas of Barnburgh and Harlington. They aim to carry out research of locally archived material and conduct interviews with the community to collect personal reminiscences.

The group is creating a searchable digital community archive of photographs, memorabilia, text stories and oral reminiscences which will enable the whole community and all age ranges to be included in the project. The group will be developing their archiving, interviewing and IT skills throughout the project.

The group will be holding widely publicised public sessions to gather information with outreach sessions for those who cannot attend meetings.

A compact disc of the archive will make the research available to the community including schools and other community groups.

The group's first book,'The Parish of Barnburgh and Harlington: Its Social History From 1750', is now available. Exhibitions have been held both in in the community and in Doncaster to promote the project. The book is a fascinating insight into village life from as early as 1750 right through to the middle of the twentieth century. There has been extensive research into local records, including school logs to produce much of the content. There are also a considerable number of personal reminiscences, not only from members of the group, but from other members of the community. All together the book provides a comprehensive picture of what life was like in the two villages in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

Current generations have no first hand experience of either the agricultural or mining industries which once dominated Barnburgh and Harlington and much of the heritage of the two villages has been lost. It is hoped that the project will increase understanding, awareness and appreciation of the local heritage.

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