Northampton General Hospital Museum & Archive

Dr William Kerr, who established today's hospital in 1793
Courtesy of Northampton General Hospital Museum & Archive

The collection dates back to 1743, when the first infirmary was established in George Row, Northampton. It started as a medical library providing books and journals for medical staff, keeping them up to date with medical advances.

Today, it has now developed into an archive which will be of interest to visitors from all walks of life.

The library now contains 2,850 books and journals for those researching medical history. Local historians and members of the public can explore the photographs, press cuttings, letters, portraits, plaques and artefacts on display.

it will soon become clear to the visitor what an enormous contribution has been made by the local population, both financially and by volunteering, supporting all the hospitals in the county.

Three volunteers run the archive and Dr Andrew Williams is the Curator.

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