The Kirton in Lindsey Society

The Kirton in Lindsey Society is a local group of people, which welcomes anyone with an interest in the North Lindsey area, its history and environment.

We have a Heritage Room in Kirton in Lindsey Diamond Jubilee Town with regular displays of historical material and artefacts. Our records include numerous photographs, documents, family history related materials, oral history recordings and old maps. We organises regular meetings, outings and social activities throughout the year. As well as holding successful exhibitions and day schools.

Our publishing scheme provides us with a lasting record of the Society’s work and ranges from photographic histories to a town map to an in-depth study of the Church. All have been produced by past and present members who have been prepared to put in hours of research work to produce something of quality and integrity. We are always looking for new ideas, new subjects and new people to write for us.

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